Italy and Europe will rise or fall together

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juin 2021
De 19:00 à 20:00


On June 24th, the GEG Weekly Seminar will discuss the interlinkage between the success of the Italian recovery plan and the successful delivery of NextGenerationEU as a whole, based on a working paper written by Andrea Capussela.


Andrea Capussela, Visiting Scholar at the London School of Economics (LSE) and author of the Political Economy of Italy’s decline (Oxford University Press 2018)

Lorenzo Codogno, Visiting professor at the London School of Economics and Senior Fellow of the LUISS School of European Political Economy in Rome

Philipp Heimberger, Economist at the Vienna Institute for International Economic Studies

Paola Tamma, Reporter covering industry, labour competition and the single market at POLITICO

Moderation : Maria Tadeo, Europe reporter for Bloomberg television

Modalités de participation

The GEG Weekly Seminar is a series of high-level round tables held in partnership with the College of Europe, the European Institute at Columbia University and the Europe Center at the University of Cambridge. To register for this event, click here.

24 juin 2021
De 19:00 à 20:00