février 2021
De 19:00 à 20:00


On 11th February, we will discuss « China at the gates of the European power grid« , a policy paper published by the Groupe d’études géopolitiques, written by :

  • Clémence Pèlegrin, Project manager, energy and environment, Groupe d’études géopolitiques ;
  • Hugo Marciot, Policy advisor on electricity markets.


  • Dirk Buschle, Chairholder of the European Energy Policy Chair at the College of Europe
  • Tom Howes, Head of the Energy and Environment Division at the International Energy Agency
  • Ignacia Mercadal, Assistant Professor of International and Public Affairs at the Center on Global Energy Policy, SIPA Columbia University.

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The GEG Weekly Seminar is a series of high-level round tables held in partnership with the College of Europe and the European Institute at Columbia University.

11 février 2021
De 19:00 à 20:00