Our continent is facing profound shocks. Transitions are accelerating. Everything is changing: the board, the pieces, the rules of the game. One order is disappearing, another is emerging. Our questions precede a change of course. But the future can no longer be improvised. To help prepare for it, we are launching a new format.

Over the past three years, thanks to our publications and their impact, Grand Continent has attracted millions of readers and thousands of contributors.

Their diverse approaches and political orientations often converge on a common direction: in the interregnum, how do we organize our continent?

To shape a grand European narrative, we need to bring together intellectuals, key decision-makers and emerging figures who define strategic, urgent and potentially revolutionary issues.

To convert doctrines into great projects, we need to train a community and a new generation in an old idea: the European affectio societatis. There is an urgent need to bring together the ideas that are emerging and the concepts that are structuring the major transitions underway.

To bring this European strategic community to life, we are launching a new annual event: the Grand Continent Summit.

In the heart of the Mont-Blanc massif, from Monday December 18 to Wednesday December 20, 2023, for the first time, we will be bringing together 130 high-level personalities chosen from among the best signatures of the Grand Continent – with one course: change the perspective.

This first edition will take place in a valley in the heart of the Alps and at the summit of the continent. Work begins on December 18 in the Aosta Valley, with conferences, seminars and workshops multilingual, multiscalar and interdisciplinary. They culminate on December 20 on Mont Blanc at an altitude of 3,466 metres – opposite the summit of the continent.

Six months before the European elections, the Union is facing three profound transformations: the geopolitical, ecological and digital transitions. From enlargement to the Global South, from the power of literature through the Grand Continent Literary Prize to the future of the Green Deal or AI, we offer a look at the issues that shape our lives.

From Seville to Warsaw, from Paris to Tallinn, through Brussels, Naples and Berlin, in the political, strategic and intellectual landscape of today, we are building an unprecedented platform to address the question of the organization of the continent.